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I have been going to a great chiropractor for almost four years and he has helped me tremendously. However, since I started receiving Linda's reflexology treatments about 2 months ago, my hip hasn't gone out of place and there his no pain. Also, my neck does not hurt like it used to. She really connects with her clients and she genuinely wants to help them. You feel completely relaxed while you're there and after you leave you have more of a "peace" about you. I highly recommend her services.

Lynn Michel-Hendersonville, TN


I've been a regular customer to Peaceful Soles for over a year now. I have Fibromyalgia and in constant pain. However, the reflexology sessions I have received from Linda have done wonders to lessen the pain I endure on a daily basis. I can hardly wait for each session. She has even helped the pain in my hands. I can't say enough good things about Linda or the reflexology treatments she provides.

Carol Ann H.


I have been a client since 2004. A friend told me about it. Linda has helped me with many issues that Dr's could not. Private setting and joy to be around. You must try this. You'll be glad you did.

Christine T.


I have been going to Peaceful Soles Reflexology for about 7 years now - I first went for help with migraines and I was amazed by the relief I received and in no time the migraines were gone. Reflexology helps with all the body so I continue to go and I love how much better I feel now.

Wanda M.


Since I began seeing Linda Gale Oliver and receiving Reflexology Sessions, the following changes have taken place in my life.

Peggy Morgan-Hendersonville, TN


I have been going to Linda regularly for about a year, and after each session I feel so much better, less stress, less joint pain and just an over all feeling of well being.  I have also noticed that my energy level has increased, which is wonderful!

Linda is very knowledgeable and professional.  She is a compassionate and caring Christian Lady.  I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found her for Reflexology and to have her as a friend also.

Jean Dowdy-Hendersonville, TN


Dear Linda, 

I just wanted to say thank you for what you have done for me so far with your Reflexology treatments.  I also give my permission to you to use this testimonial on your website or in your printed materials.  I would hope that others might read this and let you help them also.  I came to you for my first one hour session on April 27, 2004.  I can remember vividly what a state of mind I was in on that first visit. I could not sit still (as you may remember you had to keep telling me to relax my legs and feet while you were working on me), my mind was racing from one subject/event, I was a nervous wreck.

That night as I was sitting watching TV with my husband, I realized how calm and relaxed I felt. I could not believe the difference in just one visit. After my second visit  did a counter productive thing, I ran errands, picked up my Grandchildren and kept them until 9pm.  So I did not help myself. This set off a light in my head, especially after you so rightly told me, if I don't take of myself, I would not be able to take care of my family.

I completed seven weekly one hour sessions, before going on vacation with my Daughter and two Granddaughters.   I can tell you I know I enjoyed my vacation more than I would have, had I not had the sessions with you. I was relaxed, calm, energetic, (I can honestly say I do not get tired like I use to, I was having to take a nap every afternoon just to get through the day) and able to let my grandchildren's  sibling rivalry roll off my back without it driving me up the wall! As a former RN, wife of 36 years, Mother, and Grandmother, I have tried many things to try and get a handle on stress. I have taken pills, went to counseling, had massage therapy, tried to meditate, but I can honestly say Reflexology has given me quicker, longer lasting relief than anything I have tried.  I have been able to cut my Blood Pressure medication in half, as my blood pressure has gone down.  I have only had to take one pain pill( I also have a chronic muscle/joint/connective tissue pain disorder) since receiving reflexology treatments, and this was after missing the week I went on vacation. 

I did not get in this shape overnight and I realize it will take time to correct/heal my problems. Reducing my stress/anxiety level is a great start.

Thanks again,  

P.S.  My husband came for his first visit this past week(6/16/04). and this morning before he left to go to work he said, "Do you realize that I stayed awake until 10pm last night (he usually falls asleep in his chair after supper, unable to stay awake to watch TV), and I slept until the alarm went off, I can't remember when I last slept till the alarm went off!!

Janice Harrell-Portland, TN

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

As I was internet surfing trying to find information relating to Lyme Disease/Bells Palsy/Facial Paralysis I was fortunate enough to find Peaceful Soles Website.  I made an appointment and had my first visit in August 2003.  The Reflexology sessions have not only helped my Lyme Disease symptoms such as achy joints, headaches and overall weakness it has also been instrumental in delaying the gall bladder surgery that the surgeon predicted I would have long before now.  Linda goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and important.  She puts in extra hours researching your specific ailments so she can give you the best personalized care. I think of her as my Reflexologist and also as my friend. 

If you haven't tried Reflexology and Holistic Medicine I'd highly recommend it.  I know it's been a godsend for me.  I look forward to my treatments each week.  If you're looking for that special gift for someone you care about you might even think about getting them a gift certificate!  I plan to do that for my mother.  I know she'll love it as I do.  "As they say you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others so why not give Reflexology a try.  You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel! " 

Debbie Turner Smith-White House TN


I was a nonbeliever. I thought when you hurt you went to the medical doctor.  I had some back problems. I had been to the doctor several times. I came home, popped a few pills and laid on the couch. The muscle relaxers and pain pills alone wouldn't let me carry on as a normal person. It seemed as though I would never walk upright again.

After one visit with Linda at Peaceful Soles,  I was a whole different person. I threw away the pills and had a couple more sessions, and now I'm back  to my old self again. "Reflexology really works!"

Jennifer Williams-Lafayette TN


Dear Linda,

I want to thank you for helping me recover from my heart surgery, and to regain the circulation in my feet and legs while trying to control blood Glucose, as I am a Diabetic.

I feel so much better now and will continue to expect Reflexology to help me remain well enough to fight Diabetes and stay healthy for my loving family and friends.

Juanita Kerr-White House TN


Dear Linda,

When I first contacted you about brochure and web designing, I had no ideal that you were a Reflexologist.   Having injured my back 3 days prior to our first meeting was a coincidence, because my intentions were to meet with you and discuss brochure and web designing.  I feel we were drawn to each other not only because of your talent with computers but because of your expertise in Reflexology.

My back pain created great difficulty for me in moving certain ways, going up and down stairs and getting in and out of a car.   The fourth day after my back injury, was the day I met you and received my first reflexology treatment.  On this day, I could barely exit my car to go inside your office for treatment.    Approximately three hours after my treatment, my pain had subsided enough for me to be on my feet for several hours.   This was a miracle in itself to be able to stand for hours but to do it and be pain free.  The next morning I was totally free from all back pain.  At this time I became a faithful believer in reflexology. 

During my first visit,  I had scheduled up for four reflexology treatments.  Before my second visit, I began experiencing intense pain in my knees and I had no ideal why my knees were causing so much pain.   On my second visit, you gave me a treatment concentrating on my knee pain and again by the next day I could definitely tell an improvement had been made with my knee pain.  I  continued to get relief in my knees with each treatment.  Before my fourth treatment, I again experienced excruciating back pain and this pain radiated to my lower right quadrant making it very difficult to move.  This back pain was totally different from the pain I had experienced before my first treatment.   Well, guess what?  You gave me a very thorough reflexology treatment concentrating on the area that was damaged, (I think you called it my Sciatic nerve) and approximately three hours later I am free from pain.  Although I am sore from the intense pain I experienced from the back injury, I am sure by morning all of the soreness will be gone.

I am a TOTAL BELIEVER in your expertise as a Reflexologist and in reflexology.  Should you ever need a confirmation of your talent as a Reflexologist, please feel free to have anyone give me a call because I can definitely attest to your specialty.   Instead of getting drugs for pain, I now know and will seek the alternative treatment……a Reflexology treatment from you.   "Thank you so very much for giving me back a life without back pain. "  

Sharon Holladay-Nashville TN


I would like to let others know what a difference Linda has made in my life. Three and 1/2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I had my thyroid removed, but this did not resolve all my problems that come along with the disease. I have been on several medications and still no relief. Since I started reflexology sessions with Linda, I have had more relief than I have had in 3 1/2 years. At first, like many others, I was a skeptic.   But I am now a life long customer. My symptoms have eased and I am using less medication. Even my doctor has noticed a difference. I can not tell you how much of difference she has made in my life. Thank you Linda. If you are not sure she can help you, give it a try, you won't be sorry. She can help you without the use of medications! She has become a wonderful friend and I recommend her to everyone I know, and some I don't know.  "Don't suffer, you don't have to.  Linda can and will help you. Trust me, I am living proof!"

Shelley Mitchell-Hendersonville, TN



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